Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sixties AM Gold

Man, you wield that passive aggression like a scythe! I feel it, deep down in the bones of me - embedded, it doesn't even bleed. I don't care, see. I understand that it's hard to understand. Your bubble is thick and viscous, it is a force field - damn effective, at that.

See, I get it. Everybody's gotta be all worried because I have human feelings, right? Maybe I don't? Maybe I lowered my expectations long ago. Maybe my mind is wandering the back allies cause I fucking like back alleys.

In real life, I do like fields of wildflowers. I like hugs and smiles and 'Sixties AM Gold'. You want to read about that shit? Cause I sure don't want to write about it.


  1. no we don't want to read about that shit, so don't write it for us! Write us something cold and true.


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