Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Stupid 'Cause It Rhymes

I don't want to tell you, and you don't want to hear it. I'm sick of all this pantomiming, build idol, revere it. Tear it down and start again, always the beginning. Would it matter if I didn't play or would you still be winning?

You can ask all kinds of questions with a smile on your face. The smile's not quite strong enough though, it's burnt out, please replace. It's like a faded quilt where the stitches won't stay down. And I feel like a circus; the whole world is a clown.


  1. Outrageous behaviour
    From a self ordained saviour
    Makes the masses uprise
    And then cannabilise
    Our 'leader' who's sour in flavour.

  2. Your lips spew poison
    patronizing platitudes
    that fool me no more

  3. Smile when you say that, partner. Smile harder. Smile to hell and back, but smile you cynic. Laugh your ass off. Convince me you're joking when I find nothing funny. Humor me when I tell you I'm funnier than shit. Remind me again how shit is funny and everyone seems to know this "fact." Yuck it up, but take care of the ribs. One could split their side, I'm told. What a ridiculous notion, side splitting funniness. An image which defies even the sickest humor, the coldest psychopath. Best wishes and thanks for the thoughts.

  4. wow - set it to music!


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