Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Button

Just push it. Stop thinking about it. Tinkering with it. It's not a hangnail. It's not lint. You're not going to know unless you try. And don't assume it's a one time thing. You may spend the rest of your life pushing that button, skin sagging, smelling like tooth decay - you may get one push. That's the rub. Ain't no one gonna tell your ass what the button does. You gotta decide for yourself whether you're the button-pushing type or not.

See, some folks won't do it. Just flat won't. And some people will talk a lot about how they think it's fucked up to put a button there with no explanation. Outrageous. And some folks will talk a lot of bullshit about how they could push the button, of course they could, but there's things and reasons and stuff. Besides, fuck it. Blah.

Then, there's people like me. I'd a pushed the button before you said, "Hey, look, a button..."

And that's not advice, son. Not by a long shot. I will say this. If you're going to pick, just fucking pick. Push it. Or decide you're not gonna push it. But don't spend your whole life wondering about it, haggling with your insides. It's not worth it, and it will eat at ya like acid. Fuck. It's just a button.

So, do it already. Or don't. I got no time to discuss it.

Need to find more buttons.


  1. It's quasi-sci-fi, just a vibe I felt.

  2. I like it... good advice and the way it's written... even if it claims not to be advice...

  3. What Leland said. :) Dithering is for fools, neurotics and cowards. Decide already and live with the decision. But it's easier said then done.


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