Saturday, January 11, 2014


You’re a stupid cunt if you’re reading this. And you’re still reading this if you’re British. Or not a pussy. I’m tired of playing insipid games. Things will be handled graphically. Language will be used the way people use language. Not like your bitch ass Methodist pals. Not like the women selling dogs at the little league game. Like people talk when they are sweating and angry and working hard for very little reward. This is not an attempt to placate your ego. Or mine. This is not a stab at my mother, though lord help us if she reads this. At least I didn’t capitalize ‘lord’; she’d never forgive me.


  1. *Holds hand up.* British! Damn right, and Shakespeare's ghost salutes you. :)

  2. Well JD, I guess it was obvious I would read this so I guess that's because I'm British and I sure as hell 'ain't no pussy, though I can be a real stupid cunt at times.
    Sometimes only swear words will cut it, Personally I never spew expletives, I always enunciate them like a fucking lady. ;)
    If I have offended anyone with my reply, well, as I am sure Shakesperes ghost would say: " Thou can all kisseth my fucking ample asseth". Fuck yeah. ;)

  3. LOL funniest thing you've written!
    shakespeare's ghost -;) love it.
    There are so many things I'm waiting to write when my mother is dead - not that she reads my stuff anyway, so I could probably get away with it.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, my Mother doesn't read anything unless I send it to her and say, "This will not make you sad or think I'm crazy."


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