Friday, September 20, 2013

3 minutes. Go!

It's flash Friday again. All writers and non writers are welcome to put their three minute free write in the comments section on this post. Tell a friend. The more the merrier. :)

The wind outside the window is doing that thing. That thing it does. With the soft invitation and swoops through sunbeams. I am inside drinking tea. I wish that the wind was inside drinking tea and writing and that I was dancing through sun beams.

A breeze. Not a wind, per se. It would be nice to be a breeze. Everyone loves a breeze. It was a breeze. Yes, that's it. I have decided to be the breeze. Lifter of hawks and butterflies. Friend to the bee and the forest. Sometimes I can't see it though, for the trees. 

Things change and sometimes I do, too. But not all that much. No more than anyone else. I suppose I shall continue to be what I am and have been. A man who, like many men, wishes he was more like the wind. 

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