Friday, September 6, 2013

3 Minutes. Go!

If this is your first time, we do this most Fridays. Everyone who wants to is welcome to write - three minute free write - in the comments section on this post. Play as many times as you like and tell a friend. It's fun when these things get BIG. (We're trying to break the internet, SHHH!!!)

So, it got the jump on me this time. The clock twitched and I had no choice. I don't know what I was going to write anyway. I have the overwhelming feeling that I have gone too deep and am losing sight of daylight. I don't understand peoples' motivations. I wish I did. I'm just not that guy. I either judge people harshly and end up feeling like a jerk, or I give the jerks too much benefit in my doubt.

Doubts are tricky things. They are like those creatures that live at the bottom of the sea, gargoyled and terrifying. They live in darkness and dart out to take their nips and leave their stings. I will try to stay near the surface, where the air is fresh and redolent with salt. I will, today, stay floating, calmly, above the nefarious, blind, monster fish that own the bottom.


  1. Give me one wish right now and I wouldn’t want cash. I wouldn’t want magical powers to wish for never-ending wishes, or diamonds, or useless shit from a store. I just want to make my neighbor’s chainsaw seize up. Yes, I want power over silence. I want to stop the motors, the machinery that takes a beautiful almost-fall day and makes me scuttle back inside, my nerves jangled and the whiff of gas fumes in the air. I’m sick from breathing ragweed pollen, made worse by your stupid, stupid machines. Get a little exercise. Rake your leaves the old-fashioned way. Get a real saw. Better yet, wait until I’m not home to start your engines. I’ll give you a schedule. Then I’ll be nicer. I might even come over with something fresh from the oven. It could be like those science experiments where I adjust your behavior with rewards. Stay quiet? You get cookies. It’s just that simple.

    1. Perfect. I'm gonna throw a rock at the next guy I see with a leaf blower. ;)


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