Friday, October 4, 2013

2 minutes! Go!

It's flash Friday again. All writers and non writers are welcome to put their two minute free write in the comments section on this post. Tell a friend. The more the merrier. Play as many times as you like. :)

Man, I wish I had an old Nash Rambler. I wish I was a high rolling gambler. I wish I was a six-gun slung ambler. Most of all, I wish that that I could go back to sleep.

Sleep is a weird drug. I like it. The comedown's a bitch, though. But I like drugs and I like bitches. I don't like thugs and I don't like snitches. 

Two minutes is hella short. Just saying. You can judge all you want. I wrote this one handed while standing on my head guzzling Everclear. Clear as day.

That sucked, so I'm going twice. Haha!

You didn't have to say it. I even said, "you don't have to fucking say it." But you said it anyway - I knew you would. You needed to throw some pebbles down from the pedestal. It ain't lost on me. This blatant disregard for decency. Emotions aren't cards and you can't poke 'em. And even if you could, you'd bust and I have a straight. So, let's get one thing settled. You can whine and sure, it nettles. But I don't give a shit, 'cause there's tea in the tea kettle. And I still have a few seconds left to tell you...


  1. I stood in the rain facing the love of my life to make one final plea for reconciliation. To bare my soul in the hope that she could not destroy me with a dismissive wave of her hand. But there was the hand, coming up from her side like a fire arm ready to level its laser sights over my barely beating heart. Stopping my prepared speech dead in it tracks from my sorrowed brain to my pathetic, useless lips.
    "I know you're good with words but..."
    Her brown eyes seemed to melt what was left of my soul and I knew there would be now impassioned plea on this night. I turned into the night and walk back toward my car muttering to myself this one redemptive thought : She thinks I am good with words...

    1. Much like your protagonist, you are good with words amigo. ;) Thanks for playing! (and showing me up)


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