Friday, March 22, 2013

The Closet

It lived inside him, but he did not know its form. A vapor perhaps? He did not know whether it was big or small - or what part of his body was being occupied. He merely knew it was there. He heard the scraping sound on his spine. Sometimes it spoke. He did not understand the words, but he understood their intent.

He looked down at the knife in his hand. His vision focused and then blurred out. He blinked it back to clarity. The knife was long and thin. The sharpest he'd found in the kitchen. It dangled as he stared at his naked body in the mirror. He would find it.

God knows why the police showed up. Perhaps he had been yelling without realizing it. They found him, bleeding to death, surrounded by pieces of meat. The man was carved open, but he was smiling. A detective leaned in and the man slowly turned his head.

"Am I going to die?"


"Good. I couldn't find it, but it will die with me."

Matson watched as the man let himself die. He shook his head, swallowed the naseau that was rising within him. Then he heard it. Joe. He had never heard Joe sound scared. It turned his blood to ice. He was facing the open closet with his back to the dead man.

"Matson...Jesus...there's something here you need to see..."


  1. Spooky, it gave me the shivers! You should turn this into a longer story! ;)

  2. I am totally freaked out now! This was difficult enough with the character carving himself up but what the heck is in the closet??!

    So strong, Dan - and "the scraping sound on his spine" will stay with me for a long time. The alliteration made it even scarier.

  3. Tight as it comes. That's Dan when he gets out the scalpel.


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