Thursday, March 14, 2013


There's right and then there's right. They ain't the same thing. And folks don't agree on them. But that's 'cause folks lie. They make excuses to turn their indiscretions convenient. Now, me? I done lots of things that folks don't approve of, but I reckon they never hurt anyone but me. I never went in for the sneak deal, and I wouldn't now. So, there's a whole bunch of people doing wrong, and it hurts everyone, but might makes right and right ain't wrong if you look at it right. Right? Least that's the way it looks. Me? I don't look at it. I'd rather have nice dreams and not get busted trying to buck. Worst thing you can do. Even worse than breaking a horse too hard. You gotta remember what's what and who's got the reins. That's everything.


  1. Ugly. It defines me. Every time I look in the mirror I can still feel a shutter start its roll up my back but stop after only one or two vertebrae. It used to be much worse, my own reaction. I used to cringe hard - rock fucking hard - sputtering spit hitting the mirror as I would cower, crumpling to the ground, unable to withstand my own visage. Disgust, anger, remorse, all overwhelmingly present. My body would shake for minutes, sometimes hours after. My initial reaction has softened, but ugly remains, simmers inside after every pass, haunting my awake time with flashes of heat and hot tears, washing nothing. It is as if the reins have settled deep within me, but still I do not hold them. The ugly does.

  2. On the other hand, if you train a horse gently, speak his language, get him to trust you, never betray him, you will have a cross species bond that is more exciting than space travel. To turn, guide with the legs, lean back to slow down, lean forward to go like the wind. With patience and time, the horse will ask you what you want to do. You don't need any reins. This works no matter what the horse looks like.
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    1. Very true. An gentle hand is more effective than a strong one most of the time.


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