Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Jersey

The jersey was thin with wash and wear, threadbare in spots...worn. It had been his, but even that could not turn her against it. It was her battle armor. He hated when she wore it.

He was a secret misogynist. He believed himself to be de facto King by sex and birthright. He had small black eyes that darted to the corners, chilling with a kind of bloodstained brilliance when they held.

She let him fuck her, but she hated it. He was hirsute and smelled like a piece of rotting fruit. She could not help but imagine chimpanzees rattling cages, sending pulses of hatred out from behind the iron bars that held them. Throwing their shit around.

She kept a bottle of vodka hidden in the basement. He did not know about it.

He died easily. She had been a good nurse. The needle didn't even wake him up. And the inquiry was short. Terrible the habits that some people can't shake. The things people have to live with. Everyone was so sorry for her. She ate their lasagnas and shook her head.


The jersey is orange with blue lettering.

Feel it, soft like ash against your skin.


  1. interesting, bizarre, but interesting! lol

  2. Hey JD, sorry I didn't see this until now! I love how your description is so rich yet not a word is wasted. It's all information we need to know to understand the story.

    I learn something everytime I read your work. Excellent!

    1. Thanks, Jo. I learn something every time I write it. ;)

  3. What a rich story you've woven, very strong imagery. I would say it's a lovely piece, but that seems wrong - you know what I mean!


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