Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Courting Nancy Drew...

Your novels were adequate. You were soft when you should have been hard and wooden when you should have been real. I don't aim to be a 'Hardy Boys were better...' banner toter. I'll take Chip Hilton, loyal, honorable, and respectful to the end. Tom Swift.

When you can't do something, you got to keep flogging that slow horse. The slow horse will ride...for a few races...then to the glue factories. And the world will remained unchanged, chaste with white gloves to protect you from reality. Check it's an interesting place we visit sometimes.

A dimebag is a dimebag is a dimebag and you keep buying them because you're poor. Inside. I know the score.


  1. A dime bag isn't what it used to be.And yes, Chip was a better basketball player than Frank and Tom put together. Nancy was kinda hot in her 1950's bobbie sockser kinda way.

  2. Ah that's my JD: invoking Nancy Drew and dimebags in the same flash fiction. Last line takes it home. Won't lie though. Had to read this more than several times to glean your meaning.

    (perhaps I'm just dull-witted tonight)

    1. Dull witted, never. I was deliberately obtuse. ;)

    2. ;)) Oh you. Well, a mystery seems more than appropriate when Nancy is called to mind...and as I said...killer last line. ;)

  3. The gloves, Nancy. The white gloves. Always white. Why? What were you hiding? Gang tats? Black nail polish? A deformed left pinkie? WHY?

  4. I read them ALL as they were pretty much all that school I was in had at the time. But I have yo say, the Hardy boys were much more exciting.


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