Friday, March 22, 2024

2 Minutes. Go!

Lay your head down, right there in the pine needles. Feel the mottling of the sun as it passes through the branches. Close your eyes and listen, smell. Sight is cheap and easy for most of us, but we are multi-sensory by design. 

There will be crawling things in the needles, but they are not your enemy. Imagine going about your day, doing your work, getting something to eat and then a giant comes and lays down on top of it all. The red ant's will bite, but everything will bite in the right situation. 

Life bites harder than anything.

You can trace the indignities down your body, feel the deep muscle bruises that don't rise to the skin. On the surface, your skin is pure, healthy. Inside of that skin is a collection of pain that never leaves. 

He knows how to hurt you so it won't show. 

Imagine that. Imagine having that kind of thought process about someone you supposedly love. How can I hurt you and get away with it? These sick fuckers are everywhere. I don't know how they rationalize their actions, but they do. 

I recently found out about "blanket training" - the idea is you put a baby or a toddler on a blanket on the floor. Then, you place a favorite toy off the blanket. If the kid tries to get off the blanket, you slap them. Pinch them. HURT them. Apparently, this is all the rage in some very conservative religious communities. 

What does this teach the baby? Babies are supposed to be immune to the ugliness around us. They are supposed to feel safe with the people who are responsible for them. I can't imagine hitting a grown kid, but a baby? That's so fucked up it makes me want to cry. 

Sometimes I wonder where school shooters come from. And, sometimes, there is no doubt in my mind .


  1. I don't get the thought process, but it must be something taught by example. I've never given birth. Terrified the lessons taught by my parents will repeat in me. Taught me to be a proper alcoholic. Taught me to hide mistakes for fear of being beaten. Gave me the urge to strike out when angry. I wouldn't want to do that to my child, but the blueprint is there.

    1. Great and effective. I am astounded by blanket training. It's horrific. Aren't we supposed to give, not take away?
      Love the images of the pine needles and 'multi-sensory by design' then flicking into trying to pretend not to feel. This is cool.

  2. The State of Social Media

    Naturally the comments blew up. All out war between those who agree with the poster that "something should be done" and the "leave the guy alone" factions. There were flames rising before comments were extinguished.

    My 2¢...

    I GET NOT WANTING to see an annex of the proverbial City Dump every time you look out your window; I understand it DOES effect property values, If it hasn't already, soon it WILL attract rodents seeking food & shelter amid the jumble. Think I'm exaggerating about the rodents? Nope. A house across the street from a local park always has an immobile truck with a trash bag filled bed in the driveway. Twice at night when passing I have seen rats crawling on the bags. They are not squirrels or cats, they are rats. And I feel pity for the surrounding homeowners.

    ON THE OTHER HAND...I get being the neighbor who can fix that broken thingamabob and make a little extra money "when I have time." I have a serious case The Hoarders myself, an inability to throw away something "I might need later," I'm just able to conceal my "treasures" behind closed doors and fences. Ideally, one neighbor could approach the other to discuss how the visual offense might be hidden from view. Barring that there might actually be some municipal codes that govern like situations if only someone had the balls to report them instead of whining about it in a public forum on social media.

    WHAT I DON'T GET is why no one can have a civil dialog/debate anymore. And worse, why a growing majority can rarely accept that we are all entitled to form our own individual opinions and voice them. Our country formed out of dissent with the restrictions of an distant Monarchy. Dissent is literally built into our founding documents with freedom of speech, religion, and self protection clauses.

    We will never agree 100% on any one topic but is the topic worth devolving into a dialog of personal attacks, even threats toward each other? When, where, and how did we lose sight of our Founding Father's grand intents for a new, yet imperfect union?

  3. I wrote this last night (well, early this morning!) with a glass of red wine.


    This light,
    this clear, white light,
    a distillation, recognition.
    We look straight through,
    reconcile who we are, this happening,
    this circle round, this halo, this…

    It is what we have become,
    this fleck of bluest blue,
    this hollow tide full-turning wide,
    this pure incandescent true.

    This seeping through
    of pure white light.

    We are this purge,
    this left of being,
    this turning over of becoming,
    inside out to inside in.

    A light,
    an even through,
    this being true
    when even bereft of light.

    We are as we seek,
    this being as we were meant to be.

    In this light,
    this neverending rhythm,
    this truth,
    this being,
    this art,
    this light.

    1. Vickie...While sipping a fine cup of coffee instead of wine, these words were the perfect way to start my day. Thank you!


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