Thursday, April 14, 2016

2 minutes. Go! (Road Trip)

Attention #2minutesgo crew. My power cord is dying. For my computer. Don't freak out. I've reached out to my backup, but who knows. If it doesn't happen this week, blame Apple's stupid fragile power cords. ;)

(Friday, yeah, so sparks out of a power cord are not good. Thanks to Laurie Boris for stepping up. Sorry, I won't be around gang. Break Laurie's blog for me!)


  1. Stupid fragile power cords. We're over here today:

  2. Legs pumping, heart pounding, she pedaled for all she was worth. A quick glace over her shoulder showed those big men were still behind her, still running, still not giving up even as sweat poured down their faces.

    It was a race for something precious and she was determined not to loose. Rising on her pedals, she worked the bike even harder. Lights flashed and voices came and went, but no one seemed to care as they glanced up at her. She pedaled harder.

    A second glance over her shoulder. They were still there. They weren't gaining on her, but neither were they falling back.

    An alarm suddenly blared in her ears. With a jerk, she reached up to pull out the earbuds so she wouldn't go deaf.

    Her time was up. She'd done what she came to do, and those idiots behind her were still at it. Slowly, her own sweat glistening on her skin, she dismounted the stationayr bike and started walking herself cool.

    With her imagination, time just flew by at the gym.


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