Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just like that...

And if it wasn't enough that Bobby had in fact ruined her life by dumping her in the cafeteria, Stephanie still would have done what she did. The breakup was bad, though. No one is trying to say that it wasn't. It was...fucking those old western movies, muskets at dawn or whatever. She would have done it because Bobby fucked Jenny Woodson at the Sadie Hawkins and never even apologized. Everyone knew. So, she fucking killed him. It was brutal, hatchet to the face shit. Crazy. Happened one night after a party out at Guster's. Fucking killer party and everyone is having a good time and then it's fucking blood and everybody's pushing everybody else. I never seen anything like it, you want to know the truth. Hope to God I never see anything like it again. Partying and there's good molly, and I'm high and rolling and then...fuckin' A, dude. Just like that. That's how it happened. Just like that.

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